News !

Hey, just a few words about my work! Last year I've been working at Delapost Paris on a game trailer, and it's finally released. So you can find the trailer below (I mostly done all the horses animation and gave some help on the layout) Last months, I've been working at Cartoon Network London on the second season of the great TV Show "The Amazing World of Gumball"!

Here is my 2012 animation reel! Some works from Delapost Paris and some shots are from my graduation film "Eden" (for which I did the most part of the animation, blend shapes, set modeling and set texturing).

A Horse animation test !


My graduation short movie "Eden" is now online. Co-directed with Adrien Favre-Felix, Mélanie Gras and Benjamin Thevenard. We made it during our last year at ESMA; after few months of pre-production (script, design, story board, voice recording...) we really start the production in may 2011 to finish it on august.

I was in charge of the animation, the set modelling/texturing, the blendshapes and the editing. I also help a little on the compositing of the movie.

We mainly used Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Eyeon fusion for the compositing and Adobe Premiere for the editing.

Eden le film from esma eden on Vimeo.

Generalist Showreel

Here is my Generalist Showreel; it's a summary of what I did during the 3 years at ESMA, including my gradutation film.



I'm Adrien Crespon, a recent graduate in CG Animation from the ESMA Montpellier. I finished my studies and my short student movie "Eden" in September 2011 and I create this blog to share my works in the field of CG. I will try to feed it as much as I can!